Outperform SRM - Challenges Supplier Performance Relationship Mgt

Outperform SRM – Challenges Supplier Performance Relationship Mgt

Challenges in Implementing an SPM / SRM Program / Initiative

Main Operator Challenges

When implementing an SRM or SPM system the following challenges exist within the vast majority of Initiatives.

  1. Data Availability / ease of Collection.
  2. Data Timeliness.
  3. Workflow / Data QA/QC / Approval.
  4. Management / Organisational Buy-in.
  5. Scorecard / KPI Development.
  6. Stakeholder Competencies.
  7. Organisational Hierarchy Complexities.
  8. Getting Supplier Buy-in.
  9. Supplier Collaboration.
  10. Integration .
  11. Rollout Management
  12. Initiative Compliance

Where the main obstacle or challenge you are facing is one or more of these challenges then contact us today and you will see how the team at Outperform SRM can help you and your business overcome these challenges and deliver a successful SRM initiative.

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