Outperform SRM Careers- Supplier Relationship Management Oil Gas Energy Utilities

Outperform SRM Careers- Supplier Relationship Management Oil Gas Energy Utilities

OutPerform SRM – Careers

The team at Outperform take great pride in the remarkable things we have achieved working together with many of the world’s most successful organizations to improve their Supplier Management Initiatives.

We are excited about what the future will hold for our business. And we want you to be part of that excitement. We hire and develop individuals who want to achieve and keep achieving. People who “Outperform” and go beyond what is, and deliver what could be.

For those professionals in Supply Chain, Procurement, or Data Management and Business Technology disciplines, there is the opportunity to work on large-scale and complex projects and innovations that are at the centre of business and organisational performance improvement. Whether that’s in Supply Chain Consulting, Performance Improvement, or Business Process and Technology  Implementation , you’ll find people who are among the leaders of their field, working with clients who can say the same.

We’re always looking talented people – so if you’re an experienced professional looking to work on rewarding projects, and build on your specialist skills, have a look at some of the positions open at present.

Current Vacancies (Last Updated July 26th 2017) :

  • Web Applications Developer  (Ref WEB AD – 10003)
  • SRM Strategic Program Adviser – Oil & Gas (Ref SRM SPA – 10004)
  • Supply Chain Risk Adviser  – Upstream Major Projects  (Ref SC-RSKA – 10005)
  • SRM Project Implementation Manager – Oil & Gas (Ref SRM-PM-10006)

If interested in any of the above positions please complete the below form remembering to attach your most recent cv / resume.