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Outperform SRM - Renewable Energy Industry - Supplier Performance & Relationship Management

OutPerform SRM – Renewable Energy Industry- Wind Energy – Supplier Performance & Relationship Management

Wind Energy Sector

Wind-generated electricity met nearly 4% of global electricity demand in 2015, with nearly 63 GW of new wind power capacity installed. Wind energy was the leading source of new capacity in Europe, the US and Canada, and the second largest in China. In Denmark, wind energy met more than 40% of its electricity demand while Ireland, Portugal and Spain each met nearly 20%.

Globally, the long-term technical potential of wind energy is believed to be five times total current global energy production, or 40 times current electricity demand, assuming all practical barriers needed were overcome. This would require wind turbines to be installed over large areas, particularly in areas of higher wind resources, such as offshore. As offshore wind speeds average ~90% greater than that of land, so offshore resources can contribute substantially more energy than land stationed turbines. In 2014 global wind generation was 706 terawatt-hours or 3% of the worlds total electricity.

Taking a wind project from fully consented to fully installed requires multi-discipline engineering expertise, along with a working knowledge of heavy cranes and wind turbine installation logistics.  The wind installation phase starts with the design work by our expert wind consultants to produce the site layout. This requires a topographical survey to determine ground features and levels affecting construction, a geotechnical survey to determine the ground conditions and design requirements for the foundation at the turbine location and an earthing survey to check the ground resistivity (required to design the electrical earth system). This information is then used to determine the location of the main items, such as the turbine centre, the wind turbine transformer and the high-voltage sub-station (if required). Once the locations of the main items are fixed the on-site electrical distribution can be designed and the cable trenches and routes specified.

At Outperform we believe that transferring our 17 years of experience into each and every project engagement is key to a successful SRM Initiative. Whether this is Category Line Experience, Business Process Experience, Lessons Learned, Best Practices or a combination of all of the above the team at Outperform SRM strive to educate you, and deliver you best of breed SRM solutions that exceed expectations.

OutPerform Subject Matter Experts, Advisors and Consultants are experienced in designing and implementing Supplier Scorecards and Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) in over 50 specific product, category and service lines associated with the planning, sourcing, installation, completion, and ongoing operating of Wind farms.  A sample of the business lines that we have previously developed scorecards and KPIs for are listed below.

Wind Power Sector Specific  Supplier Scorecards and KPI Experience

  • Blades Supply
  • Nacelle Installation
  • Tower Section Installation
  • Cable Burying
  • Nacelle Supply
  • Tower Transportation / Delivery
  • Cable Routing
  • Nose Cones
  • Towers
  • Cable Trenching
  • Off-Grid Inverters
  • Transformers
  • Cement Delivery
  • Onsite Electrical Works
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Turbine Certification
  • Control Electronics
  • Pitch Systems
  • Turbine Foundation Setting
  • Cooling Systems
  • Power Cables
  • Turbine Generator Installation
  • Crane Hire
  • Rectifiers
  • Turbine Installation
  • Earthing Surveys
  • Rotor Blades Installation
  • Turbine Centenarian
  • Gearboxes
  • Rotor Blades Supply
  • Turbine Testing
  • Generator Lift / Installation
  • Rotor Blades Transportation / Delivery
  • Turbines
  • Generator Supply
  • Site Clearance / Preparation
  • Wind Monitoring Services
  • Geo-technical Surveys
  • Site Layout / Design
  • Wind Vanes
  • Grid Update Works
  • Substations
  • Yaw Drives
  • High Speed Shafts
  • Switchyard Setup
  • Yaw Motors
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Topographical Surveys


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