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OutPerform SRM - Why Choose - Supplier Performance and Relationship Management Experts Oil & Gas

OutPerform SRM – Supplier Performance and Relationship Management System Challenges Oil & Gas Industry

Supplier Performance Management – System Implementation Challenges

Some of the major Challenges when implementing a Supplier Performance Management(SPM) initiative include:

  • Developing the SPM Business Case.
  • Getting all round Organisational buy-in.
  • Getting Supplier Buy-in.
  • Data availability / collection.
  • Organisational Hierarchy Complexities.
  • SPM Team Capability / Competency Management
  • Scorecard & KPI Development for Individual Category / Service lines.
  • Reporting Weightings by Performance Area.
  • Setting Global Regional and Local KPI Targets.
  • System Automation for Push Reporting.
  • Choosing the Correct SPM software.
  • System Implementation and Rollout Management.
  • Integration Issues.
  • System Security Pentesting.
  • Best Practices Implementation.
  • Delivering and Maintaining ROI.

Our Experts have Experience of working with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders with the ability to build relationship and influence outcomes. Our Experience of supplier performance management includes detailed knowledge of processes and frameworks including commercial performance management of contracts and knowledge of supplier risk management techniques.

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